Please email us at prior to 8 PM the day before if you are interested in dropping in.

You will have full access to our Member Connect App upon signup. Here you may view today’s WOD, reserve class times with the click of a button, log your times and scores on the public leaderboard, and track your progress for Benchmark WOD’s and Lifts! Learn more about our programming here.

Check-in and Cancelation Policy

Reserving A Session - Must reserve at least 12 hours in advance of the session

Canceling A Session - Must cancel a reservation at least 1 hour prior to the reserved session

If you wish to reserve/cancel a session last minute, please contact us via phone and email. We will do our best to accommodate :)

Holiday hours

We are open all holidays! The regular class schedule will be used for all holidays except the following:

New Year’s Day - 1/1

Good Friday - 4/19

Memorial Day - 5/27

Independence Day -7/4

Labor Day - 9/2

Columbus Day - 10/14

Veterans Day - 11/11

Thanksgiving Day - 11/28

Christmas Eve and Day - 12/24-25

New Years Eve - 12/31

Group Classes

Join us for one of our constantly varied workouts! These are one-hour group sessions composed of a Warm-up, Lift or Endurance option, and WOD (Workout Of the Day). Visit our Workout of the Day page to see how we program, and drop in to any class for your first visit.

on ramp program

A brief 9 day introductory program, On Ramp consists of 9 fundamental lifts and 9 WOD’s scaled for those who are new to CrossFit. Based on the membership you choose, this program will take between 2-3 weeks to complete, and is crucial to begin mastering both simple and challenging lifts (a major part of our programming). After graduating from the On Ramp Program our trainers will continue to emphasize the importance of form as it will help prevent injury, perfect complex exercises, and maximize your fitness potential!

During this period you must attend either our morning or evening Beginners class, available Mon. through Fri. as shown above. Please refer to the Beginners Classes section below in an effort to better understand the importance and value of these classes when first getting started.


(Please Note: Not limited to beginners, intermediate CF members are welcome to come and work at the standard class pace)

Perfect for those who are new to CrossFit, Beginner Classes use the same programming as every other group class but with more emphasis on the Lifts and a scaled down version of today’s WOD. Our coaches demonstrate the Lift of the day and exercises to be performed in the WOD to help kick-start your training experience. Feel confident and safe as these classes help our trainers ensure that our newcomers are getting the full attention that is needed in the beginning stages of our training, and thus eliminates the risk of injury when covering complicated movements.,Begin mastering complex Lifts and ease your way into a rugged CrossFit experience with this paced version of our programming!

30 Min flex classes

Perfect for those who want to simply get a quick sweat on! Also great for those in which a 4:30 P.M. class time simply meshes better with their schedule. Whether it be due to when you get out of work, when you need to be home to feed the kids, or simply getting in a workout in record time, take advantage of this flexible class time that can be adjusted to your fitness needs.

How it works:

There are two ways to take advantage of the 4:30 P.M. Flex Class.

  1. Come in for 4:30 P.M. and leave at 5 P.M. to get exactly what it is advertised as: a 30 Min Workout. This 30 min session consists of a Warm-up, Mobility exercise, and today’s WOD with a 20 min time cap.

Does the 4:30 P.M. class time simply work better for your schedule but you still want a full 1-hour session? Take advantage of this flex class by doing the Warm-up, Mobility exercise, today’s WOD, and (after cooling down) perform the Lift or Endurance option with the 5 P.M. class. As the 5 P.M. class-goers are warming up, you will be cooling down; and as they perform their lifts or endurance, so will you. Get a full, 1-hour workout with this version of the Flex Class performed in a slightly different format as the standard group classes!

Open Gym

Open gym is the right time to work in a few extra sets on your own. Take advantage of this time to focus on, practice, and master movements and lifts, or do the WOD solo. One of our coaches may even join you!