We program nearly every workout in house, each being as challenging and different as the last. In an effort to blast every muscle in your body week to week, achieve constant muscle confusion, and create a driving intensity that pushes our members to accomplish their health and fitness goals, we design our workouts based on the following various exercise genres:


"Aerobic" means "relating to, involving, or requiring free oxygen". These are cardiovascular exercises such as Running, Cycling, Rowing, and Jumping Rope.


These physical exercises are those that rely on fast-twitch muscles rather than slow-twitch muscles that are utilized in slower, endurance based exercises. Movements such as Sprinting, Sled-drags and Pushes, Tire Flips, and Weight Training

Strength Training

Exercises involving the incremental increase in weight during the weight training of isolated muscle groups. Through repetition, programming techniques such as Pyramids, Drop Sets, Climbing the Ladder, and Burn-outs aid in increasing strength in all forms of training.

Calisthenics and Gymnastics

Typically bodyweight exercises with the focus of building total-body strength and fitness, mobility, stability, and a mind-body connection. Movements such as Push-ups, Pull-ups, Muscle-ups, Dips, Burpees, and L-sits.

Plyometrics and HIIT

Plyometrics are speed-strength training movements that are typically explosive and bodyweight such as Box Jumps, Jump Squats, and Broad Jumps. HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, alternate short periods of intense Anaerobic movements with short rest periods. We combine Plyometrics and HIIT in programmable platforms such as EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) and AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) to perform at a high and repeatable intensity.

MWOD: Mobility Workout Of the Day

Mobility, Stability, and Mind-Body Connection are crucial aspects of exercise and building a happy and healthy lifestyle. These key components are often overlooked and forgotten in all realms of fitness; yet together greatly improve lifts and form, while greatly decreasing the risk of injury.

Here at CrossFit Dýr we are partnered with MWOD, a service provided by and for CrossFit Coaches and Members. Kelly Starrett, a coach, physical therapist, author, speaker, and creator of MWOD, developed a system of constantly varied mobility, stability, and muscle performing/recovering movements to compliment the wide variety of exercises we perform on a daily basis.

In addition to our WOD, LIFT, and ENDURANCE, we incorporate our favorite MWOD Mobility Exercises into our daily warm-ups (and sometimes post workout as a recovery) to help prep specific muscles and joints that are relative to the workout. This extra step aids in optimizing your mobility, preventing injury, training smarter, recovering quicker, performance gains, understanding your physiology, and treating your own pain and injuries.

Lift and endurance option

Whether Your Goal is to Build Muscle and Gain Strength, or Burn Calories and Condition Yourself, You Can Choose Your Daily Focus From Our Two Programs: LIFT and ENDURANCE. Each Option is Performed Simultaneously After the Warm-up and Before the WOD, Both Having Complimentary Benefits to Each Individuals’ Overall Training Experience.


The LIFT daily option focuses on mastering key compound and Olympic lifts that are also performed in the WOD, with the goal of gaining strength and improving your 1RM (Rep Max) across the 9 exercise lift rotation. After achieving a baseline in our On-Ramp program, Roughly once every two months we will revisit your 1RM for each Lift to determine how you have improved in both strength and form.


The ENDURANCE option is a longer rotation of high volume exercises that are meant to raise your heart rate and burn calories. Whether you are training for a marathon or simply looking to lose weight and condition yourself, the ENDURANCE option is for you.

Skill Option

Our Wednesday and Saturday WOD’s commonly have longer time caps than our standard WOD’s as we do Hero/Benchmark Workouts on Wednesdays, and Partner Workouts on Saturdays where the workload is shared. They are commonly intense and challenging, and to compliment them we practice a Skill in place of the Lift option. This skill could be as simple as practicing Single or Double-Under’s, or as physically challenging as working on handstand walks and muscle-ups. No matter your fitness level, you can always learn, practice, and improve form on complex exercises!

Hero WOD Wednesday

What better way to celebrate hump-day than with a Hero/Benchmark WOD! Hero, and other Benchmark, WODs are famous workouts well know for either their intensity, test of physical abilities, test of will, or all three! The Hero WODs are commonly named after military heroes who gave their life for their country and are being remembered and honored through these functional workouts.

Join us every two weeks on Wednesday for our alphabetical pick of the week, and every other Wednesday for a gym favorite. Be sure to recommend Hero/Benchmark WODs you would enjoy doing, and you may see them soon!

Partner WOD Saturday

Grab a friend and come every Saturday to tackle a Partner WOD! Just like the rest of our workouts, every Saturday is as different as the last, and meant to motivate you and your partner to push each other and work together. With the common goal in mind: Destroy the WOD, you and a friend can crush it together (A friend can be provided at no additional cost :P).